A downloadable Tanks for Windows

Beta 1

Beta 2

Official Video of Beta 3 

Official Video of Beta 4

you may counter funny glitches or bugs that soon will be fix

soon there will be different maps and Gamemodes

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• What's New?
- Version Beta 5 is going to be postpone, cuz' we are having a christmas eve celebration 
- Version Beta 5 will be Ongoing next year **january
• Updates from Version Beta 5
- *none*
• Maps
- *none*


Pictures of the upcoming Beta 5


Here are the Control!

•Player 1(Green):
WASD - move around
T- Shoot
•Player 2(Red):
IJKL - move around
P- Shoot
•Player 3(Blue):
Arrow Keys - move around
M- Shoot

Told'ya it's a horrible controls XD


Published Dec 01, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, 3-player, accurate, Endless, Funny
Average sessionDays or more

Install instructions

Just Click the "Download" button to start downloading.

Extract it and Play it

it only require 2-3 players. you can even play it your self.

You can donate me some money if you like it or not ;)


3D tank trouble Beta 1 11 MB
3D Tank Trouble Beta 2 12 MB
3D Tank Trouble Beta 3 12 MB
3D Tank Trouble Beta 4 43 MB

Development log


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The download isnt working. It only downloads as a rar file. How does one get past this?




i h8 the player 2 wtf controls!! pls fix it thanks

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Wow it was cool :) thx bro u made my day.. Oh i forgot how to cheat ?

alright the cheat kinda sucks tho but the gamemode is splitscreen

at the main menu press "Esc" and type "CheatMode" its only available in beta 4-updated ver.


The Beta 4 is too large? nah its the compression i forgot to shrink it

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Version Beta 2 is released!

Check my Twitter for the new Release or Refresh the page